PCU Online FAQ

Q: Does my password ever expire?

A: YES, CSCU requires that all PCU members change their password every 6 months. You will be automatically prompted to do so when your password reaches it’s expiration date. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us Mon-Fri during normal business hours via a Secure Message or call 580-718-4000.

Q: I forgot my PASSWORD! What do I do?

A: Your UserID and PASSWORD are case sensitive. (When typing in your Password, check your caps lock key, make sure it is set appropriately). After keying in your UserID, on the next page, click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link. This will only work if you have previously setup your “Forgot My Password Challenge Question”. If your account is already in the locked status, this feature will not work, you will need to contact us Mon-Fri during normal business hours at Secure Message or call 580-718-4000.

TIP: The next time you login successfully, set up your “Forgot My Password challenge question.” This will allow you to do a password reset without contacting us. Here’s the screenshot to the Forgot My Password challenge question on our PCU home page and our password rules:

PCU Forgot My Password challenge question screen capture

  1. Minimum of 8 characters in length.
  2. Maximum of 12 characters in length.
  3. Not be consecutive numbers or letters (for example 1234 or abcde)
  4. Not be number or letters in a series (for example 11111 or aaaaa)
  5. Not contain your address, SSN, phone #, name, the word ‘password’
  6. Not contain special characters other than ‘ !#$*?@.-_’;

Q: When I click on Pay Bills under the Bill Pay menu, nothing happens?

A: When you click on Pay Bills, a new window is launched to connect you to our Bill Payer website. If your Pop-up blocker is turned on in your browser (example: Internet Explorer) the page will be blocked and will not be opened. You will need to either turn off the Pop-up Blocker, or go to your Pop-up Blocker Settings and add cherokeestrip.online-cu.com to your Allowed Sites.

Q: I would like to have PCU Internet Account Access. How do I get signed up?

A: You must contact the credit union in order to enroll in PCU Home Banking.  Call 580-718-4000, Mon-Fri during normal business hours.

Q: Can I pay my bills online?

A: YES. Bill Pay is FREE to all members with an active checking account. Simply login to your PCU online account, go to the Bill Payment tab, then click on Enrollment Options to enroll and take advantage of this free service which includes unlimited transactions.

Q: How can I display a full screen of transactions when viewing my accounts online?

A: Click on the “Print History” button. This will open a new window and display your transactions.

Q: Why can’t I see all my accounts and/or loan history and balances?

A: Each User ID can only be tied to one primary account number. If you have other accounts or loan(s) listed under a different account number, you must Sign Up to get another User ID and Password created to view those accounts. Once this is done, you can setup your account to view your other account(s) (see the next Q/A below). If you want to transfer funds from one account # to another and cannot, please contact us by Secure Message or calling 580-718-4000.

Q: Can I access all of my accounts from just ONE UserID ?

A: YES. This is called Multiple Accounts. In order for this to work, each account must have a separate UserID, Password setup for each of your accounts that you want to access. Once this is done, login and click on “Your Preferences / Multiple Accounts”, then click on the “Add Account” link. Follow the simple instructions and your done.

Q: Why can’t I view my most recent check images?

A: Check Images take approximately 1-2 business days from the time it clears your account until you can actually view the image in your account. The reason for the delay is because the checks are routed through a third party processor where they are scanned and then sent electronically to our check imaging system.


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