Multiple Accounts

View all of your PCU Accounts from only ONE UserID

Do you and your family have “Multiple PCU UserIDs”? For example: You have an account, your spouse has an account, and you have an account for your children, as well. You can access all of your PCU accounts via ONE UserID and Password. Here’s how it works!

1st: Each account must have its own UserID and Password.

2nd: If you want to be able to transfer funds between these accounts, you need to contact the credit union at (580) 718-4000 so that we can set this up for you.

3rd: You must login to each of the accounts separately and un-check the “Exclude my account from this service so it cannot be accessed by others,” and make sure you click Submit. This is located in “Your Preferences” / “Multiple Accounts.”

4th: Login to your primary account and go to “Your Preferences”, then click on “Multiple Accounts”. Now click on the “Add Account” link on the grey bar. Type in the UserID and Password of the account you want to add. The added account will appear in a drop down menu at the top right corner of your screen, right above the date. Repeat these steps for each account you want to add.

5th: In order to transfer from one account to the other, you must be in the account that you want to transfer the money “FROM” for this to work. Also, if the account you want to transfer “TO” is not listed in the “To Account / Suffix” field, then the cross reference is not setup for these accounts. Contact the credit union to set this up for you.

IMPORTANT: WHEN PASSWORDS ARE RESET/EXPIRE/CHANGED ON ANY OF YOUR “MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS,” YOU MAY TEMPORARY LOSE ACCESS TO THEM. WHEN THIS HAPPENS, YOU WILL NEED TO “MODIFY” THOSE ACCOUNTS TO UPDATE YOUR ACCESS TO THEM. Here’s how you do it: Login to your primary account and go to “Your Preferences”, then click on “Multiple Accounts” link. Look at the STATUS of the account(s), if it says INACTIVE, click on “Modify” and type in the current Password to that account, then click on “Submit”.

If you have any questions concerning the setup or functionality of your PCU Account, please feel free to give us a call at (580) 718-4000.


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