Is PCU Internet Account Access Secure?

Cherokee Strip Credit Union PCU Internet Access uses the following security measures to ensure a safe and secure environment in which you can conduct your banking transactions.

Unique Passwords: As a PCU customer, you are able to choose a Password that will be used by you to access the PCU system. This password should be kept secure by not writing it down anywhere or sharing it with anyone. Also, it is important that when you are finished with your PCU session that you make sure you properly exit PCU’s system by using the LOG OFF button before leaving your computer.

SSL Protocol: You must use a browser that supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. If your browser supports SSL protocol a key or lock will appear on your screen. SSL protocol scrambles the information that is sent or received over the Internet. This provides for a secure channel for data transmission.

Routers and Firewalls: Routers and firewalls filter information by determining who has access to what components of PCU and by tracking each request made. These items protect your sensitive information from the outside world.

“Multi Factor Authentication”

We’re Taking Online Security To A Higher Level!

Your online account is now protected with a higher level of security. The PCU Online Access Home Banking security enhancements will better protect you against online theft and fraud, provide you with more peace of mind when banking online, and will help minimize the risk of falling victim to a “spoofed” web site.

How It Works:

You will be prompted to complete a simple, one-time enrollment process the first time you log in to PCU. You may delay the process up to three times, but after that you’ll be forced to enroll.

  1. You’ll select a picture from an online library of images; the image will be displayed to you on future Online Access logins. The image is known only to you.
  2. You’ll enter a word or phrase that will be displayed along with your image when you login. This is not to be confused with your password. The text phrase is known only to you.
  3. You’ll select three “Challenge Questions” and provide the answers to the questions.
Logging into Online Access:

After enrollment, when you log into PCU Online Access you’ll enter your User ID. Then, we’ll show you the picture and text phrase you selected. If the image and phrase shown to you are correct, you’ll continue with the login and enter your password. This is your assurance that you are logging in to the legitimate Cherokee Strip Credit Union home banking web site, since no one else knows your image and text phrase – only you.

Challenge Questions:

Challenge questions will only be displayed if you log into PCU Online Access from a different computer than you used when you enrolled. If we don’t recognize the computer, we will double check that it is really you. This is another layer of security designed to protect your account from unauthorized access if your account information is stolen, and help us identify you when you are logging into PCU Online Access from an unknown computer. You’ll have the opportunity to “register” computers you regularly use to access your online account. Once you successfully answer the question, we’ll show you your picture and pass phrase.

This enhanced security will not require you to have any additional hardware or software for your computer. All of the identification and validation takes place behind the scenes – creating a silent but secure login.

The protection of your financial information and the security of your online transactions are very important to us.

Security Upgrade FAQ:

Why are you making these changes?

The security enhancements will offer you added safety by helping ensure that only you can access your credit union account.

What is this new security feature?

You have always authenticated yourself to Online Access when you log in with your User ID and password. Soon, we’ll also authenticate ourselves to you. You will know with certainty that you are visiting CSCU’s Online Access site because you will be presented with your picture and text phrase every time you logon.

Why is CSCU introducing this feature?

Phishing are the fastest growing crime in the country. To ensure we proactively keep our members safe and secure, we will be implementing this new security feature.

Why do I need a picture and text image to logon?

Fraudsters attempt to trick people into giving up their personal information, such as passwords and account numbers, by creating fake web sites that look a lot like the real web site. This is called phishing. Your PassMark image and text phrase are a simple countermeasure to these attacks, as well as protection against other forms of identity fraud.

How will the site be more secure?

The security upgrade will protect you from accidentally revealing your user ID and password to a fake site. In addition, if someone does somehow get your user ID and password, he will still not be able to access your account because he is not at your registered computer.

What happens if my password is stolen? How will you keep someone from accessing my account?

When someone tries to login using your stolen user ID and password, we will recognize that they are logging in from a different computer, and we will ask them a secret question. Since only you know the answers to your secret questions, they will not be able to give a correct answer. They will not be able to login.


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